A really great idea in a really neat little package!
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One solution for many problems

One of the marks of a really great idea is that it often provides the answer to a multiplicity of problems. That is certainly true of the NewLense reflector, which was designed from the outset with versatility in mind.

Specialised solutions require specialised tooling and smaller production quantities: both of which mean more expensive products. Our reflectors, on the other hand, are designed to embody all of our optical and materials expertise in a single hi-tech component, which can then be used in an amazing variety of ways. And, of course, we used our manufacturing and materials expertise to ensure that our products could be consistently produced to the necessary high precision; yet at a very satisfactory low price.

That is why we proudly claim that this is no ordinary reflector.

Applications include:

Narrow beam reflection where the intensity and colour of a beam reflected from the observer is used to guide them along a specific trajectory, such as road lane markers and helipad landing reflectors. This characteristic is readily achieved by embedding the reflector in a recessed housing.

Conventional reflection of a beam from the observer may be achieved by mounting the reflector on, or flush with, the surface. But wherever practicable we recommend mounting it on the surface, as this brings the reflector’s unique geometry into play, allowing reflection from a far wider range of angles than any conventional reflector.

Ambient light reflection. This is the situation where the observer is not carrying their own light source. Conventional reflectors are simply not designed for this: but ours are! Incident light – even moonlight – can enter the reflector through any of its surfaces and can then be refracted one or many times owing to its exceptional optical clarity. This splits the light into multiple beams that are visible from a variety of angles, providing eye-catching contrasts when an observer crosses the line of a beam. By mounting the reflector on a transparent surface of plastic or glass, it is even able to use light coming from behind! (For example, an Addlites sign in the rear window of a car can use light from oncoming traffic to attract the attention of pedestrians on the sidewalk.)

Fixing methods

Reflectors can be fixed by gluing, clamping or embedding. They can be supplied loose, on adhesive backings, or pre-mounted. Paired reflectors with a central fixing screw hole are also available.


Reflectors are available in up to 14 different colours, or in economy packs of the most popular colour combinations for different applications.

For our current application options, please see our product range.

- Or what other problems of yours are just waiting for our solution?