Trucklites -
Show your real size!
Trucklites installed on coaches

Don't let others misjudge you!

One of the main hazards for large vehicles at night is the inability of other drivers to accurately assess their size and orientation. Trucklites eliminate this problem by providing continuous lines of light, visible from every direction. They can be arranged to show white when viewed from the front, amber from the sides and red from behind.

Trucklites come in packs of 100 (25 red, 25 white and 50 amber), and are adhesive backed for attaching directly to the vehicle or to mounting blocks, buffer pads, etc.

N.B. For optimum effect, as illustrated above, reflectors on vehicle sides should be mounted on protruding blocks with white reflectors on the front edge, red on the rear and amber on the side.

A pack of 100 Trucklites costs just 49.97 including UK postage and packing. Click here to order.

Car tail lights visible on a bend ahead.

A clear road ...

A strange line of dots can now be seen above the tail lights.

... or is it ... ?

The dots are trucklights, revealing a low loader lorry straddling the road.