Brilliant Little Idea - BIG Benefits!

Trucklites installed on coaches

Durable and effective even in adverse weather.

Durable translucent Safe-lites are the brightest and most colourful reflectors available, giving superior all-round visibility and a superb, distinctive contrast that is effective even in highly adverse weather conditions.

Safe-lites are unlike ordinary reflectors, which only shine when lit from the observer's direction. Safe-lites can pick up light from almost any angle: the front, above, below, the sides - even from behind. Any light source, like overhead street lights, shop windows, oncoming headlights - even moonlight - can be captured and focussed into vividly contrasting, attention-grabbing shafts of light.

But when properly positioned the reflectors can also be highly directional; as illustrated above, where block-mounted reflectors on the vehicle side create a continuous line of light that appears white from the front, red from the rear and amber from the side.

Unlike conventional lights, Safe-lites are equally effective when vehicles are stationary, as they need no power to function.

Their zero power consumption, coupled with their incredible toughness, makes them just about as reliable and environmentally friendly as it is possible to be. They will carry on doing their job in all conditions, day in, day out for year after year after year...

A panel of brilliantly-coloured Safe-lites reflectors