Stand out when pulling out!

DOORLITES - Cutting the risk of    side-impact collisions.

Be seen from a distance when driving at night

When two cars approach a right-angled junction at night, it is only at the very last moment that they are in direct line of each other's headlights. This means there is a very high risk of the other driver failing to see you, especially in urban conditions where there are many distracting lights and reflections.

These brilliant vehicle side window reflectors greatly reduce this risk by creating moving lines of vivid colour that are extremely difficult to ignore.

Each Doorlite comprises 15 NewLense reflectors mounted on a translucent backing strip. This is designed to slide into the driver or passenger door window seals, facing outwards to make your car stand out even from a great distance. They can easily be removed for cleaning, or when not required.

Doorlites are available in a wide variety of colour combinations to suit individual preferences.

A pack of 2 Doorlites costs just 19.97 including UK postage and packing. Click here to order.