CHILD SAFETY - Wristlites - Be seen from every angle.

The HOTTEST child safety product on the market!

Brilliant, Awesome, Wicked, Cool, Fabulous, Dazzling, Vivid, colours.

These super-brilliant pendant reflectors for children have striking colours that will make them stand out at night or in the dark. The exceptional quality of NewLense reflectors generates high-contrast reflections, even from ambient light, at practically every angle; grabbing the attention of other road users. Provides effective protection for your child, whether walking, running, cycling or playing.

Attached to wrist bands, they can be twirled around to create a fun kaleidescope of colour. Or they can be attached to clothing, school bags, scooter handlebars, etc...

Each pack contains 2 mounting straps and 12 reflectors - one each of White, Yellow, Amber, Pink, Cherry Red, Dark Red, Purple, Deep Blue, Blue, Light Blue, Cyan and Turquoise. These can be attached to the straps in any order to give your child two Wristlites with their own unique design.

No batteries required. Always ready to keep your child safe in the dark.

A pack of 2 Wristlights costs just 7.97 including UK postage and packing. Click here to order.

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