A kerbstone with embedded reflectors and a selection of the available colours.

Brilliantly Strong!

Bright enough to pierce the darkness - Tough enough to last!

Bright enough to pierce the darkness

Newlense are pioneers in reflector design and related materials technology. Our reflectors use only the very best materials, carefully researched and chosen for exceptional optical clarity and refractive properties. They also have a patented integral translucent housing, designed to produce brilliant reflections even when observer and light source are well to one side of the reflector.

The patented housing can also capture and focus light from extraneous sources (other vehicles, street lighting, etc.) into attention-grabbing flashes of light. Alternatively, mounting Roadlites in a recess makes them highly directional. So, for example, differently-coloured reflectors can be embedded in a kerbstone so that vehicles see different colours depending on their direction of travel.

Tough enough to last

Reflectors used on the roads have to withstand tyre impacts and other physical abrasion, dust and grit, salt, oil, de-icers and other solvents, moulds, wind, rain, snow and ice, ultra-violet radiation and extremes of temperature. They need exceptional strength, surface hardness and molecular stability. We have used our technical expertise in this field to select the very best materials, combining optimum optical performance with all of the properties just described. The result is a reflector that stays bright, year-in and year-out, even under the most extreme conditions.

"A bright idea for road safety which we have already used." - ICI