Roadlites, retro-fitted to kerbstones at a petrol station entrance

As simple as it gets...

Roadlites, just after retro-fitting to kerbstones at a petrol station entrance.

Roadlites can be installed in situ by diamond drilling using the Univeral Drillmaster. They can be positioned between kerbstones or along the edge, so there is no risk of damage or obstructing pedestrians. This has been done at several sites. For larger projects, Roadlites can be embedded into kerbstones during the manufacturing process.

Roadlites are approved to comply with appropriate directives in every country and are proven over many years of experience and testing.

Roadlites, Nearside Kerb Installation

Left: Roadlites have been fitted to mark the position where the road suddenly narrows. Because these are recessed they are only visible from one direction, and are protected from scrubbing by vehicle tyres.

Below: Roadlites marking a T-junction in a housing estate. Note the use of colour coding to mark the nearside and offside kerbs.

View of the T-junction at night, showing how Roadlights accurately mark the precise shape of the kerbs and corners.
Roadlites installed into kerbstones

Right: The top kerbstone shows roadlites set in chamfered recesses and facing in opposite directions. The upright kerbstone shows flush-mounted roadlites, embedded during the manufacturing process.

A plastic kerb rail with pre-installed roadlites is also available for use where there are no kerbstones; such as rural roads, narrow bridges and where the road falls away at each side.

Roadlites may be purchased in packs of 100, comprising 50 Amber, 25 Red and 25 White reflectors. They are adhesive backed and cost 49.97 per pack, including UK postage and packing. Click here to order. Packs of 20 reflectors in various other colours may be purchased from our Safe-Lites range if required.

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