Roadlites - Less cost, better road conditions, without electricity, batteries or bulbs
ONE SIMPLE PRODUCT - that drastically reduces road accidents at night!
Award Winner from the Institute of Highways and Transportation

Sophisticated Simplicity

These high-tech - yet simple and incredibly robust - reflectors by Newlense dramatically reduce the risk of accidents at night by giving all motorists a true view of the road ahead. Rather than relying on roadside signs or centreline markers, they mark both direction and width with a continuous line of light on both sides of the road as far as a driver can see.

Roadside signs have the disadvantage of drawing a driver's attention away from the direction in which they should be travelling and don't show the precise location and size of verges, humps and traffic islands. Centreline markers also pose the problem that the driver, unsure of the road's precise width, will tend towards its centre; increasing the risk of collision on bends. Roadlites are designed to make drivers look farther ahead and drive more safely, as the brightness is stronger at a greater distance. Tough enough to be mounted at road level, they clearly show the exact location of any hazard or road boundary. They are available in a range of colours, so that colour coding can be used to convey a simple message about the purpose of the marking.

Massive Savings on Energy Consumption

The exceptional reflectivity of Roadlites creates a contrast so sharp that only about one third of conventional street lighting is required, reducing both power consumption and light pollution.