Photo of a housing estate at night, marked with Roadlites

Safer night-time driving.

First, notice how clearly and immediately the dimensions and direction of the road and its junction can be seen in the photo above, in spite of the poor lighting.

Then, notice the railing next to the kerb on the right-hand side of the picture, highlighted by a string of Safe-lites. It is bent. Before Roadlites and Safelites were installed it was, not surprisingly, struck by a left-turning vehicle.

And did you spot the pizza delivery boy entering the driveway on the left-hand side of the picture? Perhaps not, as this is not a moving picture and he is almost invisible. But as he walks in front of the line of Roadlites, he causes them to flicker, alerting drivers to his presence.

An at-a-glance guide...

Safer & Better Motoring Effectively & simply understood
Less risk from headlight dazzle Extremely competitively priced
Encourages drivers to keep to the left Unaffected by road resurfacing
Encourages drivers to keep distance in fog Easily installed and maintained
Better all-round visibility Virtually flush with kerb surface
Cuts out confusion of junction proximity Internationally recognised
Helps overcome fear of night driving Promotes safety for children
Easier to spot vehicles and pedestrians Reduces energy consumption
Imparts wide variety of information Reduces light pollution
Benefits the whole community Benefits the environment

National Road Safety Award Winner

Clearer vision, clearer understanding ... A clear advantage!

The head of Network Management and Driver Information, at the Department of Transport, have said that if any authority wants to use them they will authorise them to do so; as they are tried, tested and approved.

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