Pick-up - lit up with NewLense Safe-Lites.
LIGHT TECHNOLOGY - creating Outstanding Reflective Power

The exceptional efficiency of our reflectors is attributable to two main factors:

Our materials expertise

We use only the very best materials, which we have carefully researched and chosen for their exceptional optical clarity and refractive properties.

Our patented reflector housing

The reflector element is embedded in a translucent plastic wedge, which enhances the performance of the reflector in two ways:

  • It greatly expands the angle at which light coming from the direction of the observer can be reflected back to them. A brilliant reflection is achieved even when the observer and light source are well to one side of the reflector.
  • The reflector can capture and utilise incident light from the front, sides (or even behind), focussing this into beams to attract people’s attention. Good reflective contrast can be achieved in very low ambient light levels - even moonlight!

But by mounting the reflector so as to restrict side and rear light access it can be made highly directional; receiving and reflecting light with great efficiency: but only from the desired direction. This feature is extensively used in our road safety applications; as illustrated below, where block-mounted reflectors show different colours depending on viewing direction.

Trucklites installed on coaches


Newlense reflectors are available in a wide variety of colours. But please note that the colours described are only approximate, as the actual colour emitted by any reflector depends on the spectrum of the incident light. For example, turquoise reflectors will look greener under conventional incandescent light than under tungsten-halogen or flourescent lights, whilst sodium lights will reflect poorly with most colours except white, yellow and amber.