Cost Effective

Road Safety Sign

- Cutting outlay, maintenance and risk

Addlites signs produce benefits that both save you money and provide a safer driving environment, in which to promote your interests and sell your products.

Low Initial Outlay. Signs can easily be made in many shapes and sizes to advertise your house or gate number, your business or your interests. But whatever the application, the price is a modest one-off payment.
No Maintenance. Addlites reflectors are extremely durable and resistant to extreme weather conditions. With no power supplies, batteries, bulbs or other consumables required, they simply keep on working all night, every night, year in, year out.
Eye-Catching. Their brilliant colours grab the attention, making them extremely effective at getting your message across.
Life Saving. Mounted in or on a vehicle, they make it far more visible to other road users, improving the safety of all its occupants and reducing the chance of costly accidents.

Cut out the continuous cost of advertising
Get your message across. Stand out from the crowd.

Available in 12 different colours*, either as packs of 20 for just 9.97 or loose at 77p each. (Includes UK postage and packing. Minimum order value: 7.50.) Click here to order.

(* Clear, Yellow, Amber, Pink, Cherry Red, Dark Red, Purple, Deep Blue, Blue, Light Blue, Cyan, Turquoise.)