Sign Design

Reflective sign mounted on a car roof.

- Making the most of the Medium

Addlites signs can be placed on freestanding signs and walls or in the windows of shop and offices, homes or vehicles.

To make best use of the colourful brilliance of Addlites, choose a strong design with areas of solid colour (e.g. letters, logos, etc.).

Keep in mind that colours at night differ from those by day, depending on the natural colour of the light reflected. We recommend testing under local night-time lighting before finalising your design.

When mounting Addlites check that all reflectors in any group are aligned the same way before sticking into position. (The main reflector has a triangular lattice; making its reflective properties assymetric about the longitudinal axis.) To check this assemble the group on a flat surface, shine a light from the side and observe the reflections. If any reflector appears markedly dimmer or brighter than those next to it, rotate it by 180 degrees and check again.

Window-mounted signs are normally mounted on a translucent backplate, as shown below:

Sign Design

This has two major advantages:

Vehicle window signs can be various heights - 5 inch or 7 inch (127mm or 178mm).

Any commodity - business logos, house numbers, phone numbers, favourite teams, hobbies and websites - in any colour.

Available in 12 different colours*, either as packs of 20 for just 9.97 or loose at 77p each. (Includes UK postage and packing. Minimum order value: 7.50.) Click here to order.

(* Clear, Yellow, Amber, Pink, Cherry Red, Dark Red, Purple, Deep Blue, Blue, Light Blue, Cyan, Turquoise.)