No Ordinary

The Newlense reflector - exceptional clarity, exceptional brightness.
One BRILLIANT Solution
The Hi-Tech, Low-Cost answer to countless night safety problems.

Combining cutting-edge materials technology with a patented reflector housing, NewLense has created the brightest, most powerful, most durable and most versatile reflector on the market. Its unique design makes full use of all available ambient light – even moonlight – capturing and reflecting light from the front, sides and even behind. Yet the same reflector can also be mounted to give a highly directional colour-coded* response that is perfect for night-time traffic management.

Expensive? Not at all! Our one-size-fits-all design philosphy and materials expertise means that we can offer this fabulous product at rock-bottom prices.

Outstanding performance, Low outlay, Zero running cost
– now that’s Cost-effectiveness!

*Available in 14 different colours.